Sunday evening.  Even though we are long retired where we could make any evening of the week a special event, we always try to put extra effort into Sunday dinner.

Friday, of course, is seafood day and Monday is leftover day from Sunday… but mostly we just drift with the time during the week and plan a meal on inspiration.

We dropped in yesterday (Saturday) to our local Thrifty’s Grocery store, which was opened a couple of years ago in our neighbourhood.  Despite the name, Thrifty’s is not thrifty but the quality of food is wonderful.  Now normally we do not go shopping on Saturday because, as retired people, we do not need to and we want to avoid the crowds.  But as we perused our inventory of frozen options we needed to go out to select our Sunday dinner, (and I needed eggs for the Quiche that I was going to make for Pat for Sunday Brunch).

We pushed our cart through the crowded Saturday (working people) aisles and noticed that the store had Porterhouse Steaks on sale.  Beautiful hunks of meat.

Now there was a time I would have bought a Porterhouse for me and a smaller steak for Pat, but we bought one to share.  Is that not sweet????

They also had a special display of a new salad dressing.  We have salad with every meal and normally make our own dressings, but are not reluctant to buy a store version.

One of the nice thing about Thrifty’s is that they will buy and feature local and small company products.  It is so not Safeway.  We bought a bottle.

This dressing is called Little Creek Dressing and is produced at a small (4 employee) company in Kelowna.  All the dozen ingredients are Organic (not necessarily what I look for) but no salt or sugar.

I can just envision a group of modern day vegan hippies, with the 2 ladies in mumus (no bras) and the 2 guys with balding heads but pony tails producing this wonderful elixir from the crops they grow in an Okanogan commune.

Probably one of the best salad dressing we have ever enjoyed.  Sucks to be you people outside of BC as I expect you will not be able to buy this.