Today we took the Murano to the dealer to have the winter tires replaced with the regular wheels.  I should have done this a month ago.

I did not like rumble as we drove with the nobbly winter tires and with the ugly steel wheels, I just had to get rid of them… but I should explain.

We have lived here for many years and have never felt the need for actual Winter Tires on our vehicles.  If there was an icy winter day we just did not drive.  A Rare event.

But last fall we (well mostly I) decided it was time to put winter tires on the Murano.  There were a number of reasons.

1 – The weather network was predicting a particularly wet/snowy winter for us.

2 – We had to make a drive to Victoria in late December to Victoria for a medical reason for me which involved crossing the scary MALAHAT ridge.

3 – Meagan and Jorg were going to visit after Christmas and we assumed they would want to drive up to Mount Washington for skiing and that road needs winter tires.

4 – Back in Ontario I always put on winter tires and they meant that driving was so much better.

So we dropped $1,500 on winter tires and rims.  (we have big wheels on the Murano)

As it turned out we did have a few days where the tires were appreciated,and Meagan and Jorg did drive up the mountain to ski, but for the most part, a non event.  While it has been snowing like crazy in the mountains, down here it has been a very wet February and March.

So today, we declared winter over and converted the Murano back to summer tires with the smooth ride and the chrome rims.  We will see if next winter we go to the effort.