Today is one of those days that those of us living in Paradise do not mention when we brag about our life here.  Pounding rain all day.

Pat and I were joining our Miata club members to drive down to Nanaimo for the club Annual General Meeting.  Obviously not a top down drive.  Miserable trip both ways.

This club includes Miata members stretching from Campbell River to Victoria.  But only 20 die hards showed up for the AGM.

So I did not have to spend much money to run my campaign to be the Northern Island representative on the executive.  Every member of the board stayed the same as those not on the executive chose to bend over to pull up their socks or pretend they had lost consciousness when our President asked for volunteers to take over some positions.  Typical

Anyway I moved over to chat with some of the members at another table and the discussion came up about the horrors of the upgrade to Windows 10.  Now remember these are people our age or older.

I mentioned how I was able to stop the upgrade by going into the control panel and adjust the settings.  Then I revealed that I actually have a personal BLOG (which you are reading) and web site. Jaws dropped as they realized that they were in the presence of a computer techie genius.  All because of this blog (which truthfully Meagan set up for me)

In the land of the blind the one eyed guy is king.