Meagan was responding to my earlier blog about me being a techy guy and suggesting that maybe I should consider a Twitter account.

Instead of deep thoughts from me on a weekly or twice weekly basis that my fans expect and love, I could fire out my instant opinions on everything by Twitter.  That, of course, would lead to the contest of matching the Tweet responses that apparently everyone that uses this to measure their success.  Who has the most hits.

This could be very competitive, so I would have to reveal my views on an hourly basis regardless of any form of pre-thinking.  The more outrageous, the more respondents.  Believe me I do have some crazy opinions through the day (I could just fry your ears with my comments about people too lazy to take their shopping carts to the store and abandon them in parking stalls)  Given a Twitter account some of these, well let us just say, excitable statements, might be broadcast.

Now that might not be a bad thing but just in case I ever run for a political office, or am checked by a family that is investigating if their son should marry one of my grand daughters, not something I want to have in the public domain.

So I will suffice with my moderated opinions expressed in the Family Blog.  Nice day today with partial sunshine.  Spent the day sewing the Jawa outfit for Mason.  Now that is a blog.