I am working on the framing for the main deck of the Diana.  The main beams are finished and I have morticed in the cross beams.  I am now making the little knee braces that lock in the beams. (see picture)

In the picture the piece is about 7 mm by 12 mm and every single knee brace has to be custom made to fit the hull shape.  Many hours of detail finicky work.  There about 50 of these to be made. I will eventually plank these frames over and no one will ever see them again.  Most model builders just cut a sheet of thin plywood for this deck, I mean who cares after it is planked?

So I come upstairs to find Pat working on the computer on a brochure she is creating for a CWL convention.  She is spending many hours on the little details of the font and the spacing and the borders.  Lining up everything perfectly for a brochure that no one will keep afterwards.  I say to her “why are you doing this, what kind of an anal person are you?”  But even I realize that I might be a bit of a hypocrite.

Knee Brace