Now this is going to sound like an Old Coot blog…. and it may well be.

I was watching an ad for a new SUV on TV downstairs while working on the Model.

Anyway you may have seen the ad where the SUV comes with WIFI so multiple obnoxious kids in the back seat can download and play “Tank Warfare” or any other on-line game as their dad drives while talking on a cell via his bluetooth earphone.  The kids ignore the movie playing on the screen in the back of Dad’s seat.  He is also following a GPS route to Grandma’s house.  He needs the GPS because he has never actually driven back home without GPS over the years.  Meantime his wife, sitting on the right, is using her computer to email her business contacts.

Whatever happened to drives where the family sang songs as you drove along?  Our family favourite was Rickety Tickety Tin.

I was watching this ad and remembering when I was 18 and bought my third car (in those days even 8 year old cars never lasted).  I bought a 1960 Chevrolet Biscayne and it had a major electronic upgrade.  The Radio received FM as well as AM signals.  Little switch that could connect from one to the other.  What a major development in Automobile Electronics.  Granted in those days AM had the rock channels and FM played classical so, while a nice feature, not that significant.

Boy am I old.