Pat has been the treasurer and the main go-to-girl for the local CWL for years.  All the presentations and massive (and I mean massive) spreadsheets and presentations done on our home computer as she was the treasurer and organizer for the annual conventions.

She finally turned over the role as the treasurer (with dozens of Excel spreadsheets) to a wonderful, enthusiastic member of the CWL who does not own a computer!!!!!!

So Pat goes to the general group (where I understand she is held in high reverence (I do not kid)) and manages to get the Ladies to pass a motion to buy a Computer for CWL.

Now Pat is only the secretary in the new organization (with lots of other executives) but of course she takes on the responsibility to source and buy the new laptop for CWL Courtenay.

I accompanied her to Best Buy for the selection.  Even though they do not need a lot of power for spread sheets and minutes, I convinced Pat to step up in the processing power.  There was a model on sale for $400 but the next generation was a bit more expensive.

I have learned one thing on buying tools, do not go cheap, buy the best you can afford.  It has proven itself many times.  Do not go cheap, you will regret it in the long run.

So I convinced Pat to buy an upscale laptop (with 17 inch screen) and all the Microsoft Office software.  The sales guy added it up and it was way over the budget that Pat had been authorized to spend, so she started the routine that this was for a church and they could not spend more. (Remember, this is the wealthiest church in the valley.)  Moaning and groaning like an Arab trader and she got everything for $200 less than Best Buy were asking.  I was so proud of her.

Today we picked up the new Laptop (an Acer with A8 processor) with Windows 10 and all the Office functions.

This afternoon it was fun to set up the few folders for the CWL.  I drove down to the church to get some wide screen shots that became the backdrop to the home screen.

Everyone has to love a new computer where you do not have to dump all the apps and programs and only a few Excel and Word files.  Like walking in a fresh forest.