If you recall I did a blog about how enthused I was to join an upcoming Geocaching contest.  Teams going after 39 caches over a 14 km route.  Our team was named Karma. (we had a fairly large team of 6)

It turns out it was an exhausting ordeal.  7 hours on rain forest trails.  The last 2 hours for our team was on a new trail that if you took a goat on it, the SPCA would arrest you for animal cruelty.

Remember this is a team where I was the second youngest.  If this had been an exercise for the special forces they would have shot their sergeant and moved on.  Instead our team swore we were going to kill the organizer when we met for the wrap up.  Our team found 25 of the 39 caches.  I admit we struggled through the last 2 km with no intention of looking for little plastic boxes.  Why would anyone sane do this as a pleasure hike?

Fortunately the wrap up was at a pub in Royston where big jugs of beer and greasy food somehow revived us to the point where we did not kill Earl the organizer.  Unfortunately despite our 25 caches we did not win.  Everyone on the team swore they would never inflict this on their aged bodies again.

Still I was in the position of holding the high end Garmen GPS unit when we came home.   Purchased by our team leader he assigned me as the techy guy to run the instrument.  He never wanted to see it again.

I was going through the list of missed caches on the unit this week, and the weather was fantastic, so I invited the remnants of our team to repeat part of the route and look for the missing caches on our own with no contest involved.  Despite their claim that they would never do this again, managed to put together 4 of us for a return to Hell.  Unfortunately we had to start with the goat trail again but in the morning when we were fresh.

Beautiful sunny day.  The early part of the hike (the goat trail) followed a ridge where we could look down on the Trent River and see at least 3 waterfalls.  I do not recall this beauty when we were trudging along last week.  We had time today to stop and admire the scenery.  Old growth cedar in a lush forest and a sparkling river.

We managed to find 5 of the 7 missed caches on the shortened route I picked out.  Had everyone back at the start by 2 pm flush with success and feeling good.

Not sure if I am going to geocache for awhile, but a good day.