As all of you know, Patty and I are major Blue Jay fans.  I would correct that by saying I am a major Blue Jay fan but Patty is a fanatic Jay fan.  We watch virtually all the games all season and if we are on the road we listen on internet radio.

I am a questionable fan.  If the Jays are losing 4 nothing in the late innings and no one is hitting I go off and watch something else in the other room.  Pat stays to the bitter end even if the score is 7 nothing in the ninth inning.  She is what she is.

On the other hand, we also enrol in a baseball pool at the beginning of the season (through a friend that I had back in Ontario)  We spend a lot of time preparing a fantasy team where we could win major bucks at the end of the season.  (not that major maybe $300)  But still we spend a lot of time going through the 22 groupings of players to see who will score the best.

Takes lots of research because you have to look at obscure National League teams and see who is healthy on teams where we never see them play.

Over the years we have managed to luck into finishing random reward positions such as 20th where we get the money we invested in the pool (which we always reinvest in the next season).

So tonight we are watching the Jays in Boston.  The Boston designated hitter Ortiz comes up and hits a single.  Normally we would boo that but Ortiz is on our pool team.  Very conflicting.