In previous blogs I have bragged about my being considered a Techy guy.  I am the leader of the pack when it comes to using the GPS for geocaching and friends ask me how to transverse the minefield of converting from Windows 8.1 to 10.  (a minefield I will point out I crossed once and did not like so crossed back through again to safe territory)

All of this, of course, is a travesty of the truth.  I am constantly agog at new technology.  While I admit I now read most of my books on an IPad I still read all my news on a cellulose paper.

A few years ago I traded in my smartphone for an old fashioned flip phone (and to this day consider that a great decision)  On a recent on-line survey I scored myself as 4 out of 10 on being up to date.

But I still read about new electronic technology with the same view that I had as a kid in Saskatchewan reading about adventurers sailing through the South Pacific.  Something to dream about but never expect to experience.

Today I was reading an article about new Smart Luggage.  One of those Polycarbonate cases on wheels that you see all the time at airports.  The new smart ones come with features for the high end travellers (I am thinking of Janine at this point)  It has a built in battery and a USP port so you can charge your phone.  It has a tracking GPS so if it gets lost you can locate it anywhere in the world with your smartphone (which would not apply to me).  If you stand it upright there is a screen in the handle that tells you the weight and will even tell you the overweight charge you will have assuming you have downloaded the flight information.  It will even beep to you (the carry on version) as you sit in the waiting room to tell you if your flight is delayed.

If you are separated from it the locks will automatically be engaged.

Think of R2D2 only hollow stuffed with your undies and clothes.

What a wonderful modern age we live in.