Every spring the RCAF Snowbirds return for 2 weeks of rehearsals.  We get to enjoy 2 airshows a day for a couple of weeks.

In the yard in the morning weeding the garden and you have to look up because 7 jets are flying by in formation just over your head.  I played golf last week at the golf course on the air base and it was interesting as you would be taking a swing or putting when a jet went screaming over.

Now that sounds like an issue but everyone in the Valley just loves having this experience in the spring.

Today was a lovely day so I took the Bride in little Red and we went down to Air Force Beach on the ocean.  This is the point where the team focuses the practice and you can see every loop and pass.  You have to pay money to see this through the summer across the country.

Another reason to love Paradise.

Group Loop