The reason for the title is to keep my blog for my family and friends.  If I put the name of the film in the title, the blog becomes part of the Google search.

Pat and I joined others from the hiking group to go to our theatre (not movie theatre but the Sid Williams Theatre) to watch the documentary THE BARKLEY MARATHON.  We first of all went to a micro beer pub across the street and had some pizzas and refreshments.

The Barkley Marathon is a film about an endurance race that takes place annually in Tennessee.  An endurance race where very, very few people finish.   Over 100 miles through thick forest with roughly 80,000 feet of accumulated vertical and must be completed in 60 hours with little or no sleep.  Just crazy

The documentary was fantastic.  If you ever get a chance to watch it do so.  If you ever get the opportunity to run in the Barkley Marathon do not do so.

At the end our audience was connected to a live Skype link to the couple that produced the film.  Kind of a surprise to most of us.  We could ask questions about the filming and some of the real people that are shown.

Great evening and actually came about only because one of the members of our hiking group encouraged us that we just had to experience the film (and night out).

We are on a hike on Thursday up to an overlook of Ripple Rock.  It has a fair amount of vertical but having watched this film, none of us dare complain.