The fires at Fort McMurray brings to mind our emergency planning.

Here on the Island we await the big earthquake event.  In fact we had to spend mucho extra money in building our house to make it more earthquake proof with hold down straps on the columns and joists and a large support beam across the back.  We even prepared the home by using special earthquake hooks for all the paintings and wall hangs so they cannot shake off and fall.

After one of the earthquakes in Asia we went to the extra step of storing 20 L of fresh water and lots of canned food and a propane heater plus batteries just in case.

Then we watch the issues in Fort McMurray where people had as little as 5 minutes to vacate their homes with a threat of fire.

We like to think that this could not happen her, but we do live in a forested area.  Granted with the golf course, there is a lot of space around us, but we do have dense forest within a few blocks.  Our development planning many years ago required that all the homes have cement tile roofs.  Part of that justification was that flying embers first set fire to the asphalt shingles which proved true in Fort McMurray, Kelowna and Slave Lake and our siding is considered fire resistant.   But still!!

We had our discussion on what we would do if we were notified that we had 5 minutes to vacate.  Last year was very dry and it is conceivable a fire could sweep down from the north towards us.

First priority for me would be to pack at least one of my ship models.  Maybe some of the photo albums , our meds the laptop etc etc.  But looking at the issue of the drivers leaving Fort Mac I think we should grab the 20 L of fresh water.  Pat wants her makeup.   Meagan did ask that we save the artwork she made for us in High School.

Of course it means taking the Murano and leaving little red (or take both) if possible.  The issue here is we live on a peninsula with only 2 narrow bridges to get to the mainland to the west.

Interesting intellectual exercise, and done at a time when we can reflect and plan, but what would happen in the panic position many of the Fort Mac people had?

Granted at the end of it, as long as we both made it out, we could live with that.