Pat and I were scrambling today on what we should prepare for supper.  The last couple of nights, since we returned from our trip, have been busy.  Yesterday, Wednesday, we joined a hike to Hornby Island that meant that we did not get home until late so we just made home made pizza.

This morning we went off shopping and purchased thin sliced pork chops (on sale) and I decided that it would make a great stir fry.  I have a good recipe where you used slices of pork with slivers of apricots and red peppers in a simple sauce.

Unfortunately I had this great idea of putting a Pork BBQ rub on the slivers of pork before the stir fry.  My mix was in a little jar and it had about a tablespoon and as I was dumping it I thought , well there is only a bit left in the container so why not use it all.  I forgot that the rub included very hot chili and where 1 teaspoon would have been nice I ended up probably with 2 tablespoons.

Even I found it too hot.

Pat was very polite during the meal although suffering, and while she did not declare that she was going to leave me, there were some glimpses that made me wonder.

Fortunately we had yogurt to mix in.

You would think at my age I would learn not to screw around with a good recipe.