I apologize to my blog fans for the prolonged delay in expressing my Views from Paradise.

It is not as if I have lost the ability to have an opinion or enlightenment that I could share with my audience, it was mostly a technical issue.

Pat and I have been on the road.  While many of you travel with a computer that allows you to type on a Qwerty keyboard, we travel with a an simple flip cell phone and a mini IPad.

So here I am home with a full screen and a proper keyboard.  Anyway to the point…

We returned to Ontario to visit our old neighbours and friends in Oakville and Markham.  Great friends, couples we have known for decades.  People that you can share memories and discover new reasons why old friends are still the best.

Unfortunately this did require us driving hours on the QEW and the 401 freeways in the Toronto area to meet them.

Now these highways were horrid when we lived there and they have since gone ballistically atrocious.  6 lanes each direction and all stopped no matter what time of day.

Hours to get anywhere.

Despite the great time we had with our old friends, we realized that we made the right decision to retire to Paradise where the worst is a 2 light delay to turn left on Cliffe.