I only put this title because if I put BREXIT I would have received thousands of hits.

Now like most people, we have been following this brexit diatribe in the news for months.  It reminded me of the Quebec separatist issue years ago.  Do you follow an emotional, Nationalistic view of your future or do you take the financially secure position.  Go for Britain first with isolation or retain the financial security of the group?

Granted I could appreciate the attitude against the EU where everything in your life was dictated by Brussels.  The inefficiency of thousands of bureaucrats flying around on first class from meeting to meeting with no concept of the cost (sort of reminds you of our Senate).  The EU parliament in Strasbourg and the massive group of  staff in Brussels just makes your mind boggle.  They justify their time with a million little details and restrictions on trade.

I was once on a flight from London to Milan (business class) where at least half of the passengers in the section were EU clerks, well maybe not clerks but non elected bureaucrats.  I sat next to one of them and she told me that everyone in the Brussels office staff flew first class or business class no matter where they were travelling in the world.  Kind of reminded me of the Olympics committee members.  A lifetime of generous benefits.

Still, I would probably been a supporter of the remain if I had a vote.  I am of the age where security of life is more important than nationalistic fervour.

This morning I picked up my copy of the National Post where the headline was predicting a Remain decision.  Got to be up there with the Dewey Wins headline.  I am looking forward to picking up the paper on Saturday Morning to see what they have to say.

Pat and I were in Costco today and met with a couple that we know from our Probus and Miata friends.

Mike is from England, but retired here.  He was furious about the Brexit decision.  Could not believe they would take this non logical, xenophobia position.

I guess this is going to be one of those experiments where emotional issues are balanced against logical financial decisions.

If the emotional nationalistic position works out, than it could lead to support for the Quebec and Catalonia separatists.  Going to be an interesting next few years.