I am known by my friends as the guy with the workshop and tools.  While most men in our social group admire the shop, very few would actually make use of it.

I was approached by a friend at a party on Saturday night asking me for help on a project.  He owns a boat and has a platform at the aft that folds down and normally holds a seat.

Now on a major yacht this bracket would be made of teak but on their more reasonable boat this is just a metal tray.  This is supposed to hold a pad for seating but when they are anchored they try to use it to hold the bottles of champagne or wine, glasses and canapes on it, but even with a small swell, they slide around.

So Paul comes to me with a concept and a piece of Yellow Cedar.

Now I have never worked with Yellow Cedar before.  Despite it being a cedar it is as hard as oak.  Great wood.

I designed a simple bench that fits into the space with holes that could hold wine bottles and glasses.  Locks into the bracket but lifts out when not needed.  Fairly easy peasy if you have the tools.

He sent me the picture of the bracket in use.  Nice but even better is that Pat and I get to go on their next excursion.

As I have learned in the past, it is far better to know someone with a boat, than to own one yourself.  And they have a nice taste in champagne.