Those of you who are not Jays fans would not have realized this traumatic Jay’s game today.

They were playing the Cleveland Indians.  Now normally in any other game I would cheer for the Indians.  A pathetic team from a minor city that has a history of losing.

You may remember the film Major League  with Tom Berenger and Charlie Sheen about the Indians franchise about to be moved to Florida where they would have fans to pay for the big boxes.

Cleveland is one of those American industrial cities, like Detroit, where time has passed them by with outdated steel mills and manufacturing plants.

But this year Cleveland is hot.  Their Cavaliers NBA team just won the big NBA title and their Indians are on the longest winning streak in baseball this year.

Anyway they are playing our precious Jays today, on Canada Day.  The game was tied 1-1 going into extra innings.  Granted the home base umpire was doing everything to cheat for the Indians calling balls a foot outside as strikes if the Indians were pitching and calling pitches on the edge Balls when the Jays were pitching.

Every inning after the 10th had men in scoring position and even once, loaded bases. Never-the-Less despite the help of the umpires the Indians could not close the game.

Finally into the 17th inning the Jays had run out of bull pen pitchers and sent out a second baseman to pitch.  He got through the inning.  Into the 18th another shortstop did the pitching and put out the Indians.  Finally in the 19th inning  after 6 hours, one of the Indians hit a home run off a tired outfielder sent in to pitch.

What a horrible way to lose a Canada Day game.  Of course Pat and I stuck to them loyally, although I admit I went for a nap at about the 4 hour point.

Whoddah thunk that The Cleveland Indians would be a winning team this year?