We have all heard the news from Pakistan and Iraq with the killing of what should be innocent people.

One detail in the news made me think.  Apparently the terrorists in Pakistan would challenge their prisoners to complete quotes from the Koran and if they could not do it, they were killed.

I am reading a book about the Inquisition during the 14th century in France.  Certain preaching orders became the roving police to determine who was true to the faith.  One of the methods they would use was to ask a suspect to complete a latin phrase they should have heard many times at mass.  If they could not do it, they went on to torture and possible death.

Then, of course, we have the centuries of wars between the Catholics and Protestants where many innocents died in Europe.

While we have come a long way from the 14th century, as Christians we have to recognize this period in an evolution of a faith.

I just hope it does not take 800 years.  (having said that we only have to go back 20 years ago in Ireland)