Our good friends Harry and Marie are taking care of his granddaughters this week.  Mary and Claire.  Mary is 4 and Claire is 7.

We had dinner with their parents last week at Harry and Marie’s house.  The parents flew off to Calgary leaving the grandparents to entertain for the week.  Unfortunately unlike the times we had our grand kids in July and August and could spend time at the beach, it has been cool and windy.

Anyway,Claire mentioned to Pat last week that she loves white seafood chowder so we invited the Grandparents and the girls to join us Friday night for one of Pat’s fabulous seafood chowders.

Harry dropped off some of his salmon, we added halibut and shrimps and some of our leftover BBQd oysters.  I made one of my wonderful crusty breads.

Admittedly, we were not sure if the girls would eat this meal.  No problem as they rapidly consumed their bowls and Mary (the 4 year old) asked for more oysters.  Mary loved the bread but only ate the innards and left the crust.  I am not sure if my kids, let alone my grandkids, would have been as excited about a chowder.  Granted it was delicious but whooda thunk?

After the dinner there was a little running around until Pat found some colouring for them to do as the adults enjoyed the last of the wine and Port, but the girls were great. As they were going home they both came to thank Pat for the great meal.

Granted I would not trade either one of these girls for any our wonderful grandchildren (unless some cash came with the deal).