This weekend we are hosting a Miata Run for the members of the Vancouver Island club.  Now this started as an idea at our Christmas party last December.

The Vancouver Miata club has a problem due to the shape of our Island.  We are one club but the members at the very north (Campbell River) are 4 hours from the majority of the club in Victoria.  As a result we have many of our club events in Nanaimo, where we impose on 2 great members, Bruce and Wendy, to organize and host.  Last December I stepped up and said we (the northern group) would host the summer BBQ and furthermore would include a Run.   Lots of enthusiasm by my fellow northern members, but like the Little Red Hen, just see what is going to happen.

Pat and I spent many hours testing out a run that includes the narrow roads (all paved) through farms and past a Bison ranch that would end up at the Air Force Beach pavilion.

Two weeks ago we only had 5 cars (10 people) signed up so we cancelled the pavilion at the beach and  decided to save money and have the BBQ in our back yard.

However over the last 10 days (long after the cutoff) we have been contacted by members asking to join the run.  We now have as many as 30 people but I suspect about 24 showing up.  Really depends on the sunshine.

Now this is a get-together with a great drive culminating in a BBQ where for $5 per person you get all you can eat — hamburgers, all beef foot long sausages, pulled pork, with salads and desserts.

Anyway Pat and I have been spending the day in setting up the tables in the back yard and preparing the salads.  The pork shoulder has been roasting in the oven for hours prior to me shredding it later tonight.

Now, up to now, my main concern was to make sure I had enough beer in the fridge to put into the cooler and buying lots of burgers and sausages and buns.  This is supposed to be a BYOB event but you never know.  Other than that it should be just like a party we would have held way back when we were young.

And then I noticed this list on the table.  For Pat there is no such thing as an off-the-cuff BBQ.  I love this woman.  Who wooda thunk we needed to buy table covers?