I have been working the last few weeks on the decking for the model.  Lots of detail along with a few gratings.  But today I thought I would take a break and work on the pedestals that will eventually support the model on the base.  Way before they will be needed but a good time because I can still turn the model upside down to work on the fit.

Now I have 2 different lathes.  A micro lathe that was given to me by my brother many years ago where I turn tiny pieces and a medium lathe which I use for larger objects.

Regardless of the size of the object, I really enjoy lathe work as the piece you are turning seems to evolve from the block.  Like pottery it is almost amative.  I can just imagine Demi Moore in a singlet behind me guiding my hands on the chisel.  It helps when you have gorgeous wood like Swiss Pear to turn.

IMG_2768 IMG_2776