Throughout life, we often find examples where life is just Unfair.  This last week has been a perfect example.

We hosted our Miata club for a BBQ in the back yard.  Great luck in that the sun came out so most of the party was held outside on the patio, but at one point everyone came into the house to use the washroom or admire our great room.  Now Pat had spent hours making sure that everything was dusted and the floors were perfect, but what most people commented on was my model of the Juno sitting on a table.  No one mentioned that the house was clean and dusted.

Life is unfair.

Every day when I wake up I go into the changing room and put on fresh undies and socks before heading off to do my fitness club or mow the lawn or pull weeds or whatever.  Regardless, when I return,  I can put my sweaty things into a magic box and within a few days they appear back in my closet drawers.  And then in the evening I can crawl into freshly laundered and pressed sheets in the bed.  It is wonderful.

Life is great but maybe unfair.

Today I went for my dentist appointment to have my teeth cleaned.  Now I hate flossing but I have learned to start flossing 2 weeks before my dental appointments.  Granted I do use a waterpik twice a day, but I hate flossing.  So today my hygienist commented that I must be a great flosser as my gums are firm and taut (as I told her just like my body)  The cleaning went quickly.

Now Pat flosses every day and brushes many times,  but when she visits the dentists she has soft gums and lots of problem.  She is often told that she should spend more time on her teeth.

I told her my results.  According to her, life it just unfair.

Anyway there is a reward for Pat.  Tonight is one of those evenings that just makes this paradise.  Blue skies, mild 24 C and the view on the golf course that is perfect green with the flowers blooming all around.

I bought some fresh veal slices and prepared Scaloppini with pasta.  Not that deep fried Scaloppini that some restaurants serve, but lightly floured, sauted and returned to the pan in a reduction of butter, wine and squeezed lemon with capers.  Great meal.

With a few glasses of Rose wine, Pat acknowledged that life was good and she was content.  Granted she did prepare the salad for the meal,  and as I write she is policing the kitchen and loading the dishwasher, but she is happy and humming as I type.