Beautiful beautiful day.  I brought out a small package of frozen chicken breasts to thaw as we decided to head out for the day.

Pat and I went off in Little Red just to wander in the roads north of town.  No particular destination just exploring up roads that ended with views of the ocean and back through lanes with occasional spots where the trees met overhead.   Always, of course, picking roads and lanes that are paved.  Little Red does not like gravel.

We pulled into a little market garden store to pick up some fresh veggies.  Particularly looking for small Zucchinis that would work with our plan for Kabobs.  Part of the drive was to look for interesting farm roads that we could add to a Miata run in a couple of years.  Found lots of opportunities.

So we came home and I chopped the chicken and marinated it to thread with Zucchini and orange peppers and onions.

Now we refer to the this kind of marinade as  a James special.

Back when we lived in Calgary with both Pat and I working, it was often the role for James to prepare the dinner.  We had to cook it quickly as all the kids had to go off for Soccer or baseball.  James’ specialty was chicken wings with a sauce that he created.  A bit of this and a bit of that from the fridge and pantry.  Some versions were great and we would ask for him to replicate, and some were… well let us say an experiment.

So this afternoon I made a James marinade for the chicken and veggies.  Some ginger sauce, some leftover stir fry sauce, some Italian dressing but basically using up the odds and ends in the fridge.

BBQd the chicken and veggie kabobs on the grill until they had a bit of a char.  Just wonderful, but like those special chicken wing recipes that James uses to prepare, never to be replicated.