When I give tours of my model ships I try to point out the living conditions for the men.  A common question is where are the toilets and I point them out.  Far better for the officers than the crew who have to suffice with ‘seats of ease’ in the head.  What no one ever asks is how are they fed.

On a frigate with a crew of about 250 there was a tight area in the bow section where the cooks prepared 3 meals a day.  In English men of war there was an invention called a Bailey stove that proved to be very effective.  Basically a large iron stove with a fire pit in the centre surrounded by a boiler and an open hearth with spits and large pots for the gruel.

For the Diana I have completed the Bailey stove.  I present this picture because when the model is finished you will not be able to see it except in a glimpse through a gun port.