We have been infested by rabbits this summer.  This was not an issue a few years ago but apparently, just like happened in Victoria, people have been buying cute little rabbits for their kids and when they got too big, and the kids were no longer interested, they decided they would release them to freedom on Crown Isle golf course.

This is a well known fact since the rabbits are colours that would never appear in nature.  Pure black, Golden and white.  It only takes a few generations (in one year) to make them the motley brown of nature.  In the spring we have been protected at the top of the ridge by Eagles that perch on the trees behind us but as the season goes on, the pickings of dead salmon on the rivers draw them away.  We have a neighbourhood of people that own dogs, but never let out in the yards without leashes (and I suspect some of the owners would fear that their precious Westies might be attacked by vicious rabbits.)

So we are infested.  At any one time in the morning there can be 4 rabbits running around our back yard chewing on the flowers (the ones we pick because the deer will not eat them) and on our herbs.  Wascally Wabbits.  This last week there has been one particularly pernicious black baby bunny that just will not run away even when I yell at it.

So yesterday I set out my rabbit trap cage in the bushes alongside our yard.  A good cage with doors at both end and the tripping mechanism in the middle loaded with Veggies (veggies of course I had to buy from my retirement fixed income)

Tonight after supper Pat noticed that there was the baby black bunny in the cage.

I said OK I will take care of this and carried it to the Murano.  Pat was pleading for me not to kill it.  I said, of course I am not going to kill it I am taking it to release it elsewhere.  Pat said you mean in the middle of the river.  No matter how I claimed that I am not an evil person, Pat, still wearing her apron from loading the dishwasher, jumped into the car to make sure I did the right thing.  We drove it north beyond the highway to another housing development and I released it.  (sucks to be them)

I talk a good line about anger at the rabbits but I am incapable of twisting the neck on a baby rabbit.  Now give me a gun, might be different.