People assume I have great patience because  of my hobby of Model ships.  Years spent in tiny detail where at any one time I just plod along.

However this attitude does not follow me when I leave the workshop.  When I buy annual flowers in the spring I go for the more expensive big ones instead of the small ones that might take a couple more weeks.  I always look for the shortest line when I go to costco or line up for gas.

Today was a prime example.  I went off to Thrifty to buy some bread for our lunch.  I get into the fast lane and there is an old coot at the front that seems stunned that he actually has to pay for his supplies.  The cashier asked him if he had an Air Miles card.  He says “I think so” and starts to go through his wallet, all the time forgetting that he still had to pay the $14.  Eventually he determines that he does not have a card and starts to decide in what manner he should pay for the purchase.

The two people ahead of me in line and I exchange eyebrow lifts and shrugs but you know we are seething under our polite expressions.

When it becomes my turn I said I do not need a bag and here is my Air Miles Card and here is the exact cash needed for my purchase.  I expect I was less than 30 seconds.

As I walked away I imagined those behind me cheering and applauding my consideration and preparation, but being Canadians they just acknowledged me in silence.

Pat tells me I am still not ready to accept retirement.