Left early heading south from Kamloops on the rarely driven Hwy 5a past a series of little lakes on a great twisty road.  Brilliant blue skies.  The kind of run we dream of.

You could not pick a bigger contrast to day 1.  Instead of craggy mountains we are driving down the central dry area of BC with rolling hills covered in Scrub trees and grass.  Nevertheless lake after lake in the valleys.

Through Merrit and east on the Okanogan connector to Kelowna.  Despite the sunshine I had to put on the heater (remember we are topless) as we drove over the pass.

Unfortunately we could not take our intended run on the great drive up the west side of Okanogan lake.  There was a forest fire north of Bear Creek so they closed the road. We had to take Hwy 97 through Kelowna and Vernon.  Driving through cities is not the way to enjoy a Miata run.  Funny we never did see any smoke.

North of Vernon Pat found some neat paved country roads that took us to Armstrong.  Then up to Sicamous and east to Revelstoke by 4:30.  Busy roads as this is summer.

I know you are saying “hey wait a minute you can drive from Kamloops to Revelstoke in a couple of hours”.  True….but the objective is to experience the drive, not get there.