We have been looking forward to this day since we first planned this tour.

A drive on the North Cascades Scenic Highway (Hwy 20).

This starts just west of Winthrop Washington (if you are driving it westbound) and is 100 km of  the most spectacular mountain scenery you can imagine.  I think it is even better than the drive through Banff.

And think how great it is on a sunny morning driving topless where you can see all the mountains around you.  A very good highway where the speed limit is 60 mph but we did it at 45 to just absorb the experience.  Took every opportunity to pull over for the views.

The high point of our 5 day driving tour.  Then we come out of the park and had another 170 km drive through increasingly busy highways until we arrived at Blaine and Lisa’s.  This last part was a bit boring, but the price you pay to get back to reality.

Great ending for our tour when we had an evening when we were not only joined by Ryan, Corrie with little Oliver, but with Meagan and Jorg.

All together, a successful trip.