Last week Meagan and Jorg came to visit us on the island.  The weather had been sunny and warm all August but when they arrived we had West Coast weather.  Overcast and occasional drizzle.

They came with the expectations of Paddle boarding in the ocean or on Comox lake and hiking at the great spots in the north of our island.  Did not turn out as they hoped.

Trying to save their vacation I proposed a excursion for one of our most picturesque hikes.  A hike from highway 19 to an overlook of Seymour narrows where in 1958 there was the largest man made (non nuclear) explosion at its time to blow off the top of two underwater mountains that were blocking the channel.

I did this the previous year with my hiking group and remembered it as a moderate to difficult hike with a great view.  Granted it was done on a warm sunny day.

Our day was overcast and with all the previous rain, the vertical sections on broken rock and tree roots were a bit harder than I remembered.  Meagan and Jorg had no problem but Pat was upset with me for taking the group on what was at the difficult end of our scale for local hikes.

Fortunately the drizzle held off and we had a nice lunch on the overlook.  When you see the picture imagine the scene on a brilliant sunny day.  Also notice the walking stick at the left which Pat wanted to beat me with.  Still we made it back home OK with no injuries.  Pat and I were exhausted but M & J decided they needed more exercise and thought they would head off to Comox lake for some paddle boarding or swimming but even they thought it would be better to just wander around the village of Cumberland.

I will have to remember this great hike for the adventurous members of the family.