Last week we bought a small smoked ham from Costco.  Now normally we would not buy a ham from them unless we had 30 people showing up, but they introduced a smaller quarter ham for $8.

We have managed to get 4 great meals out of this ham.  It was a wonderful ham full of flavour.

First meal was just the sliced ham with potatoes and applesauce.  Then a diced ham in a rice mexicali dish we have enjoyed for decades.

On Sunday I made scrambled eggs with ham, just a delight.  We were down to the last 2 cups of diced ham.

I went off to play golf this afternoon and Pat told me she would find a recipe.  Do not ask about the game, beautiful weather but slow round of 5 hours.

When I came home (by 6:30) there was a wonderful fragrance in the air.  Pat tells me we are having a traditional Arabic dish Ham Mujaddara.

I went like… Arabic and Ham?  Are you sure?

Pat found the recipe in our Fine Cooking magazine and it is a North American twist on the normally vegetarian dish of rice and lentils.  Far as I am concerned the ham made it spectacular.

I am also sure this is why the Jihadists think of our civilization as corrupt.

Still if you are ever in a position with leftover ham let us know and we will forward the recipe.  This is a GREAT dish.   Sweet and tart and  just different and healthy.