Before I retired I thought I might go back to our local University and take classes.  Maybe history.  I always enjoyed school and taking classes where I did not have to worry about about exams just seemed an attraction.

But it did not happen.

Travel and working on the yard and attempting to improve my golf game and the ever present building models just seemed to fill my time.

Over the years our friends kept telling us about courses held at our local university for seniors called Elder College.  They seemed so enthused but I never accepted that I was a senior.

Last spring one of Pat’s friends convinced her to become a volunteer for the Elder college program (as if she did not have enough interests)  And she agreed.

So this last month we determined that we were actually going to enrol in Elder College and maybe take some courses this fall.  Turns out this is the hottest trend in the Valley.

This fall they have about 65 courses.  Everything from Tai Chi and Bridge to history of pre Trojan War civilizations and the history of beer.  Yesterday Pat and I attended a session where all the 65 instructors gave a brief synopsis on their class and encouraged everyone to book.

This morning everyone wanting to book a course, had to log in at 9:am on the internet.  I cheated and started my enrollment at 8:58 and got my courses but by 9:10 Pat could only get one.  Within 30 minutes 1500 seniors had nailed almost all the classes.

So I am booked for weekly courses starting next week.

One course is a reading group talking about novels about the British Navy during the Napoleonic War (ie Hornblower).  Another is a geomorphology class that includes field trips to the beach and outcrops to recognize the type of rocks.  Another is  a series of speakers talking about the various major environmental projects planned for our area.

Then there is a series of 8 lectures on Saturday mornings about Vancouver island starting with Bob McDonald (the host of Quirks and Quarks) showing views from space.  I have heard Mcdonald before and he gives a great show.  Other lectures will cover the history of industry and native culture on the west coast.

Needless to say my first choice was the book group on novels about Royal Navy from 1793 to 1815.  The instructor had previously contacted me and asked that at one of the sessions I bring my model of the frigate Juno and make a presentation about the reality of life in the Navy at that time.  I now have 90 minutes (not sure how I will keep it that brief)

Pat will be able to attend the Saturday series of lectures with me but the selection she chose and will attend is an 8 week course on the story of numbers.  The instructor was enthused and Pat signed on about how mathematics can be exciting.  Remember she was a Math major in University. Granted if I had this guy as a math teacher in high school I would have gone into math.

So we have a fun filled educational fall.