National Post had a feature article this week about the future where beef will be obsolete.

In 1970 when I was taking Engineering a company called Worthington came to our campus to present the meatless future.  This is a company owned by Seventh Day Adventist that were promoting a vegetarian diet.  They had invented bacon bits which had made them rich.  Crumbles that tasted like chopped cooked bacon made from soy.  They had bacon strips and veggie burgers for us to taste and told us that the future was vegetarian.  Their samples tasted great, but lets face it, if you put food in front of a bunch of 20 year old Engineering guys, they will consume it.

At the time Pat and I were a poor couple living on pasta and chicken and ground beef.  Not really ready to take on the higher cost of a Worthington alternative protein diet.

The article this week was about the latest technology in meat alternatives.  They can make hamburgers that look  like a grilled meat patties.  A combination of wheat and coconut, potatoes and a special protein molecule HEME that makes this combination taste like meat.  (I assume this is a resurrection of MSG)

The article was about how faux-meat will be the future because cows are a very inefficient way to produce protein. Cow milk will also be gone as soy and microalgae will replace it.

Yesterday I was at our local Thrifty’s and they had Porterhouse steaks on special. I mean the size of steaks that we served at Janine and Vedran’s pre wedding party.

In the past I would have eaten one by myself but Pat and I now share a single steak.  BBQd at high heat for 3 1/2 minutes a side.  Grilled on the outside and rare inside.

I realize my brother-in-law Michael would not approve, but it was fabulous.

If the article is true, our grandchildren will only remember great steaks from their youth and our great grandchildren will wonder what I am talking about in my reminiscences.

I am pretty sure a combination of flour, coconut and potatoes with the magic heme will not taste the same but who knows?

When I am a really, really old guy my  great great granddaughter will tell me , gee-gee-dad you actually ate dead cows.  How gross, but here have a suck on your steak shlurpy.

By the way, next week when I visit you I will bring this great new treat Soylent Green wafers