I attended my first class this week, The Valley Rocks.  (this does not include the lecture series)

We started with a field trip where we drove up to Mount Washington stopping a various spots to examine layers of sedimentary rocks (sandstone) and igneous rocks (granite) and ancient volcanic upthrust rock (basalt).  The instructor is an enthusiast and what was supposed to be a 2 hour class easily stretched into 3 hours.  I am going to like this course as we look at the history of the formation of our island and how to identify rocks and stones from the various stages.

Pat today took her course on The Story of Numbers.  The magic of mathematics where they looked at the combination of various number systems over time.  Apparently multiplication did not develop until the 12th century (oh joy)  As the course goes on they will look at the development of math from adding and subtracting to calculus and integration.  Pat apparently loved it.

I think I chose the right courses to take this semester.