Pat and I enjoyed listening to the entire Carmina Burana suite during dinner last night.  Takes me back

Many years ago when I was in Marketing of Lubricants I was invited by our advertising company to a photo shoot to create images that would go on the cover of a series of our food grade lubricant line brochures and ads.  At the time James was into excalibur kind of movies and found this great cut from Carmina Burana used in a scene where knights on horseback are charging around killing everyone.  Somehow he acquired a cassette tape of the entire cantata and urged me to listen.  I put it in the car stereo as I was driving to the meeting and loved it.

If you have never been to an advertising photo shoot there is a whole lot of standing around time as they set up and redo shot after shot.  While they have this going on the client (me) is urged to eat lots of appetizers (of course billed to us) and listen to music. After a couple of hours of listening to elevator music I went out to the car and brought in Carmina Burana.  Up to then I thought the photographer and his assistants were charging us by the hour, but the music inspired them to step up their pace.

Shortly after Pat and I went to see a live production of Carmina Burana at Roy Thompson hall and it was overpowering.

For some reason we have not listened to the entire suite since until last night.  Awesome