img_0305We have had a series of storms come in from the Pacific ocean over the last week.  Left over systems from a Typhoon in Asia.

Three storms in 5 days.  Each storm lasts about 12 hours with lots of wind and rain and then there is a break with sunshine, no wind and clear skies.

So on Wednesday our hiking leader picked a great day for a fall hike.  Granted it was a cool 4°C when we started but you just dress for it.  A sunny hike before the next clouds came in.  He chose a hike up the Puntledge river towards the Comox lake.  The river was calm just like a lake.

Fall here in Paradise does not have the spectacular colours of Ontario forests, but it is still wonderful.  There are many deciduous trees along the river banks to give orange and yellow colours but backed with the green and the mountain views, very nice.

Fortunately the rain forest adds its own red colour in the large mushrooms that grow along the trails.  They look good enough to eat… but they are poisonous.

bevan-hike red-mushroom