Last Sunday we hosted our neighbours for a Thanksgiving turkey meal.  Great success, but lots of leftover Turkey.

After the meal I stripped the carcass and took all the bones and scraps and simmered to make a turkey stock.  Pat had gone to bed by the time I took the stock pot out to the BBQ to cool overnight.

The next morning, drained the stock and put some aside for soup, and froze the rest in 2 cup increments.  I had a turkey sandwich for lunch.  Monday evening we had a repeat of the Sunday meal with the potatoes and turkey and stuffing etc.

Tuesday, Pat made a Turkey casserole.   Instead of pasta she used the leftover sweet potatoes and the dressing.  Tasted great but unfortunately it had the consistency of custard, so we declared it as Turkey Glop.  I had the leftovers for lunch the next 2 days.

Wednesday we went out for Indian food with our friends.  Apparently India does not offer a Turkey option.

Thursday night I used the stock to make a big turkey soup.  Nice crusty bread.  Pat was busy in the office doing her many duties so I just invited her to join in the meal.

Friday night I used the last of the turkey and veggies to make a Turkey Pot Pie.  The recipe I have uses HP sauce so it tastes great but again I am incapable of making a meal for two so we had half of it leftover.  During the preparation, Pat continued to be busy in the office working on something for one of her many duties.  She joined me to handle the salad, and thanked me for my wonderful meal.

Saturday Pat is again off all day, this time for her bazaar at church.  When she came home I had the leftover Pot Pie and salad ready for her.

All I needed was the frilly little apron to make my role complete.  Just like last nigh,t the pie was a big success and  again she thanked me.  I suspect back in the 60s the husbands did not thank their wives as much as Pat does.

She was bragging to her group of ladies about her man preparing all the meals and they were amazed (but I suspect they were thinking, are you sure he is not gay?)

Sunday we will have something other than Turkey.