I am really enjoying my course on the Valley Rocks at Elder College.  Now you may think this about the rock n roll bands from the 70s but it is about rocks that you find walking on beaches and along hillsides on the island.

In the future I am looking forward to hiking with family members and be able to point out the difference between typical Granite rocks and Basalt.  Sandstone rocks that were laid down at the bottom of an ocean and those laid down in a stream.  Maybe we will be lucky and find folded gneiss (you can only hope)

It will be exciting to point out the difference between volcanic rocks pushed up through the crust into the air and those pushed up into the ocean (called pillow volcanic rocks)  You find all of these within 20 km of our place.  300 million years of tossing and turning.

I suspect my family cannot wait to join me for walks on the beach.