Pat flew off to Edmunchuk to visit her mother for her 95th birthday.  I chose to stay home because I had 2 courses from the elder college.

My brother said he would come over and spend a few days with me.  We could spend the time as bachelors.   Hiking and golf during the days and heading out to strip clubs in the evening.

Well first of all there is no evening entertainment in the Valley and secondly by 8 PM we were mostly looking for sitting on the couch to watch movies.

Unfortunately the weather did not cooperate so we only got one hike in on Sunday.  Nice hike up the Puntledge river where on the return trail you come across ruins from the 120 year old coal mines.  You are walking along on in a rain forest trail and you can (if you are attentive)  spot overgrown collapsed structures in the woods to the left.  Sort of like finding ruins of the Incas.

Anyway that was on the Sunday and the rest of the week turned out to be too wet to golf or hike.  The great blob of warm seas in the north pacific that had transferred the fall storms up to Alaska over the last few years had gone away and we now have the normal fall rain.

Fortunately we had a project to do in the workshop (that required 3 visits to Home Depot) and in the evenings Netflix so Blaine and I could watch some good movies.

Not quite a Vegas weekend but a nice time.