It has been cool and rainy in the last week in Paradise.  Pat and I both have colds.  Not critical but lots of flem and coughing.

Earlier this week I had agreed to go on this week’s hike with our group.  I knew that it would be wet.

But this morning I woke up hacking away so phoned our hike leader saying we would not join the group.

The day was drizzily  and cool so Pat and I spent the time in a warm, dry home doing crosswords and suduko.  Boring but comfortable.

Our hiking club sent us pictures of the day.  This is one of my favourite hikes up the Qualicum river.  With all the rain the river was high, but what we did not realize that there was a late run of salmon up the rivers and streams.  The group that did the hike could just stop and watch thousands of salmon fighting their way up the river.  In all my hikes I have only seen this once.

As I sit here tonight, with no real cold symptons, I regret wimping out this morning.  I suspect that is why they have sent me these pictures.  By the way the picture on the left is a friend of ours that is even older than we are and still made the hike.


img_1906 img_1903