It was a good night for Hallowe’en last night.  Overcast but for the first time in a week, no drizzle and a mild 8°C.

I have fond memories as a kid going out in Regina, sometimes dressed in a parka, but with a pillow case to capture all the goodies.  Blaine and I would come home and spread out all the supplies and amongst the hard, horrible wrapped toffee called ‘Hallowe’en candy’ there were some real treats.  Hidden under the bed to enjoy as a “sweetie” before Christmas.

When we had our kids we tried to get into the spirit and would start to decorate the house with almost as much creation as for Christmas.  For many years I would escort the kids and would encourage them to move on to maximize production.  James was particularly bad at this because he would try to explain his costume to the householder.  Granted it usually led to an extra treat, but not the training I had as a kid to hit the maximum amount of houses in the 2 hours available.

In our last few years in Oakville (when our kids had moved out) our neighbours and I would put on elaborate scary scenes on the lawn and in the garage.  I would dress up in a costume and try to entertain kids as they came to the door. Massive amount of kids showing up.  When our kids showed up we would pile up their goodies and pick out those obnoxious Hallowe’en toffee candies and give them out to the teenagers that came later.

Years pass and we are now in a neighborhood without a lot of children.  Pat and I now put out a lot of treats to try (like the Witch in Sleeping Beauty) to tempt them to our house.  Alas, as we are in a senior’s area, the little kids just do not come.  So everyone that came this year got a double treat.  A Wagon Wheel and a bag of Hawkins Cheezies.  I would have come back again and again to this house if I was a 10 year old.

We had 18 kids last night.  One group of 10 girls showed up in great costumes with full face makeup and they were so excited, wishing me Happy Hallowe’en.

I mean, what is “Happy Hallowe’en”?  Where is the threat of tricks or treats?    So I gave them double double.

We had 2 more girls show up and as I was putting in their goodies I asked how they were doing on the street.  Turns out not well. So when they left I walked out and strolled up and down our street, and the 4 houses on each side were blacked out, even though I know people were home in them.  But 5 houses down was a couple that was still in the spirit, with a graveyard in the front lawn and scary music.

As I returned home, I realized our Hallowe’en decoration was pretty pathetic.  (see Pic)  Granted, not sure that if we had had an elaborate display, we would have had any more kids.

The two teenagers that came at 8:45 got full treats.

I kind of miss the traditional Hallowe’en.