Now you seldom hear me offer any criticism of life in Paradise, but I have to admit that it is rainy.

Apparently the jet stream has shifted right over our head and is bringing in storm after storm after storm.  This is good news for the west coast of the Island where people come from all over to experience the winter storms crashing on the coast of Tofino, but on this side it is mostly rain.

Not torrential but just steady rain with brief periods of drizzle and then more rain.  Not cold but damp.

This is why apparently many of our neighbours have homes or RV sites in Arizona.

Still everything is green and lush and we still have some flowers in our hanging baskets.  And watching crazy golf nuts go by playing because the temperature is warm.

Unfortunately our hiking group has not been going out and I have a yard of fallen leaves and end-of-year gardening (cutting back the roses and clearing the huge tomato plants for example) but I suspect that we will eventually have a break.  In the meantime we have the fireplace in the evening and a whole summer of recorded movies to watch.