Now I realize this is supposed to be a site about the philosophical delight of living in Paradise (which frankly has been very wet over the last month) and not about my personal life triumphs ….. wait a minute, now that I think about it, I suspect this was what Meagen intended when she set this up.

I had a good day.


This morning at Elder College I gave a hour and half presentation on Royal Navy life in 1800 that included a detailed tour of my Frigate model and the audience was clamouring for more.  Pat was in attendance and will verify.  Granted the audience were a bunch of old guys like me that love the genre of Hornblower type books, but still gratifying.

In the afternoon at our Probus monthly meeting I introduced the key note speaker that I sought out and arranged to talk about the history of the Comox air base.  Again to standing ovation.

A good day if I say so myself.