Pat and I have a great friend that loves (when he has time) to go off in his expensive fishing boat from Port Alberni (an hour  away from here in Paradise) to catch fish.  Now we are talking about a boat that costs about the same as a good house here in the valley.  This is our friend that is a pretty successful Saskatchewan potato farmer.

For some reason he thinks catching big fish is well, great.

Harry has paid big money to catch tuna in Cuba and bonito in Baja Mexico.

Anyway, for some reason he likes me (even though I make fun of his fishing  addiction) and often invites me to join him.

I came back from a fishing trip with him where he spent $700 in fuel and I (being the polite friend) pointed out that we could buy all the fish we caught that day at the local Supermarket for a fraction of the cost of taking his boat without getting wet.  Apparently I do not understand.  The good news is that Harry still likes me. (What is not to like?)

Earlier this year Harry and Marie brought over some deep frozen packets of the salmon they caught this last summer.

Vacuum sealed and deep frozen.  Harry wrote on the packet the location where he had caught the fish, in this case, Rat Nose … the type of salmon, Coho, and the date.

Tonight I prepared the huge fillet of salmon in the oven with some lemon slices.  Wonderful meal, Pat and I could not finish.  But the inked label on the package gave me an idea.

The sealed pack had the date he caught the Coho out in the ocean, and the marine point where caught, the aforesaid Rat Nose.  This is an under sea promontory about 30 km west of Tofino .  I only know this because Harry took me out there one day.  We are talking 4 hours out into the Pacific and 2 hours of fishing and 4 hours back.  And we caught a lot of fish.

So Harry gives us this frozen packet of salmon labeled Rat Nose Coho.  It was delicious.  And then I wondered if maybe we could do something with this.

Now at first, you might think Rat Nose Salmon might put people off, but therein you could be wrong.

A couple of years ago, Pat and I were looking for a bottle of wine to bring to a party.  We discovered a brand of white wine from New Zealand called Cat Pee on a Mulberry Bush.  Great wine.

Turns out that outrageous wine brands are the latest rage.

So I am thinking I partner with Harry to market a brand of Rat Nose Coho salmon.  We could make millions.