To my many blog followers, you may wonder why I am spending less time sharing my thoughts and views on life with you.

I am reminded of the movie Forrest Gump when Forrest while running, was being pressured to express his perspectives on life for those needing enlightenment.

There is no question that my opinions should be shared with the multitude (for the good of mankind), but there is a slight issue.

Apparently my wonderful blog site has been discovered by those that want to share the insights that I intended for my family and friends.

They are so excited by my ideas they want me to connect them to their sites.  Which I block.

There is no question that when Meagan gave me a great name for my blog “views from paradise”  (and by the way I actually own the domain name) , I should not be surprised that others are checking it out.   Actually I hope to retire one day by selling the domain name.

Anyway, anyway….it is snowing here in Paradise.  The views over the trees and mountains covered in fresh snow are like those prints you find on Christmas Cards.  Beautiful… until you actually have to shovel it.