Think of this as a Dragon den opportunity.

Janine came to visit this week.  On Thursday (before the snow hit) we were driving back home from west Courtenay along the estuary road.

At this time of the year the fields in the valley are filled with snow geese and cranes and swans.  This is a huge flat area that is farmed but is actually owned by Ducks Unlimited to give an area for birds to stay over the winter or stop on their way south.  A multitude of birds at any one time, each keeping into their own areas.

We are so used to seeing this that it barely makes notice,  but it is one of the sights we enjoy over the winter here in Paradise.    The local bird watchers publish that we get close to a thousand swans stopping in.

Janine pointed out that she noticed hundreds of swans in one area.  She commented that the latest analysis for the price of the Twelve Days Of Christmas song is that the ‘7 swans a swimming’  currently cost $18,000.  And I assume that is in US dollars.

So I am driving home and thinking.  Hey, here is an opportunity.  A bunch of my blog fans could come out next year and help net and capture all these swans.  Even if we only get 700 of the swans that could amount to almost $2 million.  Granted we would have to invest in nets and some kind of plastic pools to present them in, but we are talking of a good profit.

Granted I would be the idea guy so I would not actually be involved in chasing the birds down, and Janine would be in charge of the marketing, but a good profit for the rest of you.