Down in the workshop finishing the details on my model of the Diana.  This is getting near the end so I am spending my time on the little details that just make the model what it is.

Along the side of the waist of the ship are double rails that hold a net where the crew would put their rolled up hammocks each morning to air out.  The frames are called Hammock Stanchions and most model builders skip this trivial step.  I do like to add this but each stanchion has to be hammered at the tip to drill a hole for the cables and then welded to an extension that holds the frame on the deck rail.

Kind of tedious work but I love it.

In the afternoon between 4 and 5 pm I watch reruns of old CSI episodes (the good series from Vegas).  I know them so well I can practically relate the dialogue.   The last couple of days they have the episodes about the Miniature killer.  This was a serial killer that built elaborate scenes at 1/24 scale of where the murder took place.  Beautiful detail.

Anyway I am hunched over with my bino glasses working on one of the stanchions (I need 40) and look up at the TV and there is the miniature killer doing the same thing.   Makes you kind of wonder….?