Well I hate to say this for the dozens of blog fans that signed up to come here next fall for the opportunity to make big money on the 7 swans,  apparently I missed that important step in the business plan (which I should have learned when I studied for my MBA at York) about the size of the market ie the demand.

I have been advised that there probably not 100 consumers lined up to pay $18,000 US for a gift of 7 wonderful Comox White Swans swimming in a blow-up Canadian Tire paddling pool.

Who would’ve thought?

Which of course makes me doubt all those other business opportunities for the 12 days of Christmas song regardless of the price estimates.  While I might agree with the cost of the gold ring I begin to think that,  even with Brexit… we could not find 10 British Lords prepared to leap about even if they were young enough to do so.

So I am advising my Blog fans that I will have to find another opportunity to make you rich.