I was reading this week that the last company still producing VCR machines closed down production.  (For my younger fans, VCR means a Video Cassette Recorder, an ancient version of DVDs, and if you are so young you do not even know what a DVD is, ask your grandparents).

We actually have 3 crates of VCR movies (including all the great Disney animations that our kids loved) and a VCR player in the basement. I am thinking of thinning out the storage space and getting rid of this, but with this news, who knows?  This might be worth $100 one day to our great grandchildren.

It is not like we are in the new age.  I had to hook up our printer so Pat could send a FAX to her CWL headquarters.  Again for my younger fans, a fax is like an ancient tweet with a hard copy at the end.

Darn we are old……