I am a member of the Crown Isle golf club.

You know those movies from the 60s where doctors and lawyers belonged to their local country club and went every weekend for a drunken party wearing fancy dress and the guys in dinner jackets?  You know the movies.

Pat and I do not partake of the many social events that our club provides except for  the Christmas party for members that we went to last night.  Fancy appies from the dining room chef and local wines and beers.

As it turns out we know more and more of the people we meet at this party including many of our friends.  But I did get the occasional guy that approached me and tried reminisce about this shot he took while playing with me last summer on the whatever hole where it faded into the fairway..  and I am going, I barely remember your name, let alone some obscure golf shot you made, but you have to make allowance for golf nuts.

The dancing went on until late but our friends and Pat and I were heading home by 10 because the food was gone and it was a cash bar.  We are retirees after all.

Great party but mostly because the weather returned to the normal for this time of year with clear skies and + 8 C.

Almost makes you forget the past 2 weeks of heavy snow and frigid – 6 C temperature.